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I can’t figure how I missed the audition for this film. Seriously. I can really work with dancers. I’ll get in the water! Large quadripeds love me….oh well.

How do you put a value on beauty, inspired by a woman’s story of her past? I haven’t told anyone my story, yet, but luckily this woman told someone. And she told a talented portrait painter (why waste anything) to boot. One who has a great imagination, great empathy.

original oil by Vone Deporter

Can you answer the question WHAT IS BALLET?

You can win a copy of Luminous: Celebrating 50 Years of the Australian Ballet.

This competition is over 5 PM Sydney time, 12/21/11.

Step up and – be Winning!



OMG if you’re near Sydney read this! If I could I would start doing the dog paddle over there right now!!

75 minutes, uninterrupted listening to this man!

Sometimes I wish I were not quite so small…

I’ve always wanted some red shoes. The only ones I’ve seen for dogs are rubber rain boots which are butt-ugly and – the smell! Besides, I don’t go out when it’s raining, but for a moment. However, I will take any worn out red shoes you have that need some chewing.

The Australian Ballet’s Behind Ballet Blog has an engaging article on RED SHOES.



When Daisy Deporter was first adopted she had lots of issues.

Yet, she learned to calm down, even when bumping into rabbits while out walking.

Moreover, she can now just hang out.

Relaxed or what.

Just take over the furniture already.

See this at MEN ON POINTE at The Australian Ballet.

The more used pointe shoes, the more for poodles to chew on.

This new post  is a great read about five woman who changed the face of ballet.

Learn that Marie De Camargo caused SCANDALS  by shortening her dress! omg!

Marie Taglioni whose DIY pointe shoes were sold and made into soup! Such fans!

Isadora Duncan and her Grecian gown designer Mariano Fortuny  broke the fashion barrier…

Suzanne Farrell whose elegant stream-line inspired Balanchine…

Sylvie Guillem – ballet’s “bad girl”  – huh?

When women do something new, why is it a SCANDAL or BAD?

Well, poodles don’t get it.

Yesterday I learned some interesting facts about wolves, and the different types of wolves. Rescued wolves visited The Classical Ballet School in Woodland Hills, CA. Their human pack from Wolf Connection presented the wolves. We learned about types of wolves, and wolf adaptations. The wolves were friendly and beautiful.

Vote For the Ballerina Project! Follow the link for instructions.

September 2022

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